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Tang - A beloved fruity taste !

Tang is a powdered beverage that was first imported and sold in the Philippines in 1962. Ten years later, Tang developed a great following among Filipino consumers because of its beloved fruity taste. The brand became part of the Kraft Foods portfolio in 1989. Today, Tang is a part of Mondel Z International, a new company comprising the global snacking and food brands of the former Kraft Foods Inc.

Tang is right on trend with what consumers thirst for - affordability, convenience, nutrition and a great fruit taste.

True to its heritage as a source of Vitamin C, Tang is fortified with vitamins and minerals. Tang has always made health claims, and has always been marketed as a Good Choice for Children. Tang also uses less packaging per serving than bottled beverages.

And because it's a light weight powdered beverage it requires less energy to transport. The result: A carbon footprint that's a fraction of heavier Ready to drink beverages. Tang, now available in more than 30 countries, is one of the leading brands in powdered beverage portfolio.

This fresh, fruit-flavoured drink is available in a variety of flavours based on local consumers perferences and is fortified with minerals and vitamins. Tang has fruitpower 7, a unique bundle of seven essential nutrients naturally found in fruits.

One single serving of Tang is packed with Vitamin A, C, B2, B3, B6, iron & folate which are among the recommended nutrients that kids need for their daily activities.
  • Vitamin A: Supports good eyesight;
  • Vitamin B Complex: Releases energy from food;
  • Vitamin C: Strengthens immune system;
  • Iron: Fuels blood formulation that supports normal energy production; and
  • Folate: Stimulates normal blood formation.
Tang's mouth-watering flavours include: Orange, Pineapple, Mango, Orange Mango, Pineapple Orange, Sweet Ponkan, Strawberry, Lemon, Tang Four Seasons. Tang comes in 25g litre pack 113g and 225g pouch packs.
  • 25g litro pack makes an instant 1ltr drink;
  • 113g pouch pack makes an instant 2.5ltr drink; and
  • 225g pouch pack makes an instant 5ltr drink.
Its great fruit taste and vitamin and mineral fortified formulation have made it the favourite powdered beverage in the country. Tang drink is no doubt the best value for money in town. No doubt Tang makes water exciting.


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