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Antiperspirants and deodorants have been used for more than fifty years as a safe and effective way to control sweat, body odour and to feel fresh. Rexona offers maximum protection you can rely on, all day long. Rexona antiperspirants and deodorants are developed to meet different demands for men and women, responding to your body to keep you feeling confident and cool for up to 48 hours.

Rexona won’t let you down.

Thanks to the unique technology developed by Unilever scientists, which releases extra protection when you need it most. You can be certain Rexona will keep you feeling fresh all day. Unilever experts know that men and women have very different demands when it comes to deodorants. That’s why they have developed products to meet their individual needs. In Unilever they discovered that there’s a difference between the way your body produces sweat when you’re hot, and the way you start sweating when you’re stressed or anxious.

Rexona is designed to deliver antiperspirant protection on both counts. And with its No White Marks technology, your clothes will stay fresh as you’ll feel. Rexona was the first brand to introduce its crystal range – deodorants which go on completely clear, eliminating the white marks aerosols and sticks can leave on dark clothes. Rexona has long been one of the world’s  biggest deodorant brands.

While sweating is a natural body function, for some people who tend to sweat more, it can become a problem. We all sweat, but finding the antiperspirant comes down to personal choice. While deodorants are designed solely to mask the smell of body odour, antiperspirants like Rexona range of products work not only to get rid of odour, but to stop any underarm flow of sweat as well.

Every one of us wants to choose the product that best suit our own body and lifestyle. Rexona offers a wide range of antiperspirants for both men and women that are sure to meet your needs and provide the answers you’re looking for. 

Rexona Antiperspirant roll-on 50ml for Women has the following range:
Clear Aqua Classic Dry Pure Silver Sexy Confidence Dry Naturals

Rexona Antiperspirant roll-on 50ml for Men has the following range:
Original Forces XtraCool Adventure Sport

Rexona Antiperspirant spray 200ml for Women with 48 hours protection:
  • Rexona Women, Clear Diamond: New crisp and floral fragrance;
  • Rexona  Women, Cotton Dry: Contains Ingredients of natural cotton, an ingredient known for its dryness, freshness and softness;
  • Rexona Women, Clear Aqua: cool and floral fragrance; and
  • Rexona Women, Clear Pure: Minimises developing white Deo traces on dark clothes with a floral fragrance.
Clear Diamond Cotton Dry Clear Aqua Clear Pure

Rexona Antiperspirant spray 200ml for Men with 48 hours protection is the answer for all your body odour worries:
  • Rexona Men, Quantum: Proven to work at the hottest temperature recorded on earth;
  • Rexona Men Invisible Ice: Formulation with Micro Crystal technology for White mark control;
  • Rexona Men, XtraCool: Made with natural menthol for long lasting freshness; and
  • Rexona Men Adventure: Designed to respond to increase in adrenaline releasing extra burst of fragrance when sweating.
Quantum Invisible Ice XtraCool Adventure

Now you can buy the same great Rexona at new great price at your favourite major supermarkets around Fiji.


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