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LYNX is a brand of male grooming products, owned by Unilever and marketed towards the young male demographic. Lynx body sprays, antiperspirants and roll-on are designed to leave you smelling great and feeling better, making you irresistible to the ladies.

Lynx body spray scents are created by master fragrances designers; they fight odour, making men smell irresistible when and wherever they use it. Intensive research has taught us that women like men who smell good. Choose the Lynx effect that best meets your needs. We cannot say for certain where Lynx body spray will lead you, but we can assure you that you no longer have to worry, 'Do I smell OK?'.

Lynx body spray, antiperspirant spray and roll-on give you long lasting effective deodorant protection, while keeping you feeling fresh.

Understanding Lynx deodorant spray & Lynx antiperspirant spray:
The following information is about the difference between Lynx deodorants and antiperspirants sprays, what causes perspiration and body odour and how to apply Lynx deodorant, Lynx antiperspirant sprays and Lynx roll-on for best results.
  • Lynx deodorant products counteract the formation of unpleasant body odour. They principally work by controlling the growth of bacteria on the skin surface but also contain perfume which can help overcome body odour and give a pleasing fragrance. These products do not affect sweating.
  • Lynx body spray and its quality fragrances give the reassurance of an effective deodorant. Lynx spray is to be used on all over body before wearing clothes.
  • Lynx antiperspirant spray and roll-on products reduce the amount of sweat released to keep the armpit dry and comfortable. The action of the Lynx antiperspirant ingredients also helps to control growth of bacteria. This, together with the effect of the perfume, means that they work as effective deodorants. Hence they are labeled as antiperspirant deodorants as they perform both functions.
  • Lynx dry antiperspirant products give highly efficient protection from wetness and odour.
  • Lynx roll-on is to be applied as a thin even layer under the arms.
Remember, do not spray near eyes or face and always follow the pack instructions. Always allow products to dry before putting on clothes and do not over apply as products can then rub off onto clothing. If this occurs wash the clothes as soon as possible.

Lynx - Roll-on Antiperspirant  50ml has the following fragrances:
Africa Full Control Twist Excite Dark Temptation Anarchy

Lynx - Body Spray 150ml has the following fragrances:

Africa Dark Temptation Excite Apollo Twist

Lynx - Dry Antiperspirant Spray 150ml has the following fragrances:

Africa Excite Sensitive Full Control

You can buy the great Lynx range at your favourite major supermarkets around Fiji. 


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