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Friend's Fiji Style Pickles

Mango Pickle
A mild tasting spicy pickle and an all-time favorite for pickle lovers. Made with fresh green fruits and mixed with an assortment of roasted spices.
Friend’s Fiji Style Mango Pickle is made from generations old Fiji recipe that is distinct from other mango pickles around the world. “Fiji Aam” (“aam” is Hindi for mango and the name “Fiji Aam” is used for a particular variety of mango commonly used for pickling) is sourced from rural areas as the mango season peaks once a year around the country.
Fresh mangoes are salted, sunned and carefully blended with a selection of freshly roasted spices for a preserve that lasts for years. Pickle connoisseurs vouch that good pickles taste better as they age.
          Lime Pickle
Local lime is used to make this spicy, fresh tasting pickle. It goes very well with both vegetarian and meat dishes.
Friend’s Fiji Style Lime Pickle is a juicy combination of limes with authentic spices to tease and tantalise your taste buds with each bite. The tangy, bitter, hot combinations of tastes declare a war on senses to add a twist on your meals. Perfect for topping on sandwiches and pizzas.
     Chilli Pickle
A fiery pickle that’s not for the faint hearted!Chilli Pickle can be enjoyed as an accompaniment to any kind of dish. It also makes an excellent marinade for chicken, lamb or beef.
A top choice for those who like it hot and spicy. Freshly sourced Bongo chillies are sourced from farmers around Viti Levu and blended with a traditional mix of pickling spice to give a flavor some pickle with a punch.Food always tastes better with a little chilli and Friend’s Fiji Style Chilli Pickle turns a simple meal into a gourmet plate. A word of caution –it is addictive and gets hotter the longer you keep it.


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