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Moscato Di Casa Bottega

The Bottega brand expresses in a modern way the values of the tradition, represented by   the white grappa, the young grappas and the grappas aged in wooden barrels.

Moscato Spumante Dolce
This wine is a Moscato Spumante made with juicy grapes grown in the Euganean Hills area in the district of Padua. This is a thriving rose-growing area, so when the roses are flowering bees carry their subtle perfume to the nearby vineyards.
It is a sparkling wine made from Moscato grapes grown on the Euganean Hills, an area in central Veneto with a famous vine-growing tradition. After the harvest, the grapes are cold macerated for a short time, just before vinification. The must, obtained by the soft pressing, is separated from the skins and preserved at a low temperature in order to avoid fermentation. The must, after the addition of selected yeasts, is submitted to the sparkling process. The resulting wine has the fresh and fragrant character of the original grapes, a low alcohol content and a pleasantly sweet taste.



Bottega Euganean hills (Padova, Veneto) Moscato
Bouquet Colour and Appearance Taste
Clear, characteristics, Brilliant with fine and lasting perlage Fragrant, delicate, markedly 
 intense and yet  subtle Straw Yellow sweet with delicate hints of roses
Alcohol Content Serving Rules Serve At
6.5° Sweet wine, suitable for celebrations and  5/6°c
  special events. An excellent companion to all major   
  desserts of Italian and international cuisine.  
Recommended Glass Availability Best Before
Flute Wider Distribution 12 months


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