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Lifebuoy Antibacterial Soap

Every year, two million children fail to reach their fifth birthday because of diseases such as diarrhoea and pneumonia. That's two million too many especially when the simple act of hand washing could help erase this tragedy. Lifebuoy has taught healthy hand washing habits to 130 million people around the world.

Lifebouy's director of global research, Dr Vibhav Sanzgirl, explains why it pays to wash hands, "Hands can become dirty very quickly as we go through our daily activities. Washing hands with soap helps ensure that you don't pass invisible germs into your mouth that might make you sick. What you wash your hands with is crucial. "Don't just wash up with any plain soap and water especially before you eat or prepare food. Make sure you use a proven antibacterial formula like Lifebuoy to do the job in killing germs that cause illnesses."

Get the world's no 1 selling germ protection soap across 50 countries, thanks to the advanced germ protection agents in its unique formulation. All it takes is 10 seconds to lather up for germ protection from 10 hygiene related health problems.

Mothers with active kids and even busy adults on the go will appreciate the speed and effectiveness of washing with Lifebuoy. Lifebuoy soap contains castor oil as one of the ingredients and this oil is good for skin because of its antiviral and anti-fungal properties.

Choose from a range that includes Total 10 advanced germ protection ingredient, Active 5; nature pure with natural melon for its natural anti-bacterial properties and mild care for its natural goodness of milk cream and oats for delicate skin and more. There is one for all to ensure the wellness of everybody at home.


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