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PET Technology Limited

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PET Technology Limited manufactures Fiji’s popular soft drinks brand, “Sprint”, that is available in a range of flavours and sizes.

An instance of the Motibhai Group’s planned vertical integration, PET Technology Limited is one of Fiji’s leading manufacturers of food grade Poly Ethylenepic19.jpg Terephthalate (PET) bottles due to its chemical inertness and appealing physical properties.

As with most plastics PET is derived from oil and is formed by a polymerisation reaction between an acid and an alcohol. Its initial uses were as a synthetic fibre with excellent wash and wear properties as well as a substrate for video, photographic and x-ray film. As its use grew PET was modified for application in injection moulded and extruded products, and in the early 1970's the first three dimensional structures were produced by blow moulding techniques, initiating the rapid adoption of PET as a material for beverage bottles. Its properties as a lightweight, tough material with excellent optical properties and adequate gas barrier performance.

These bottles are used by group company Fiji Foods Limited to package a variety of oils and soft drinks. The company also has a growing clientele of local manufacturers.

Much of the Noni juice that is bottled in Fiji finds its way into international markets contained in the superior quality food grade bottles supplied by Pet Technology Ltd.


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